Rosy Jeffery

Rosy JefferyThrough Being Your Best I am helping people and businesses make the most of themselves, their opportunities and their resources whilst ensuring they remain true to the values which are most important to them.

I qualified as a chartered accountant more than 30 years ago.

I moved to a training organisation soon after qualification providing training and continual professional development to the accountancy profession. I lectured on accountancy and auditing to groups ranging in size from 10 to 100.
I also ran training courses on what was then called management training – the ‘soft skills’ as they are sometimes known.

Six years later I left the company and worked for them on a freelance basis whilst developing my own accountancy practice.

We had by this time moved to Lyme Regis where I set my stall out as an accountant. We had two children and about 5 clients! Clients I had picked up along the way simply by being a chartered accountant. I was now going to make an effort, so I had to think about what I wanted to present.

From a standing start to building a client portfolio of more than 600 clients and then to the sale of the business, I was very conscious that it was important that I remained true to myself in the way I ran my business. I believe that as a result of this, the clients who came to me were by and large the sort of people I wanted to work with. They were attracted by the image I was presenting, the way I worked and my values, and they were ‘my sort of people’.

So over the 15 years or so of doing this I have learnt a lot about creating and running a business. I understand the importance of listening to and working with people, the speed and flexibility of response that is appreciated, and that it is vital to stay true to your own vision and values. Most of all I have learnt about myself.

 David Challenger

David ChallengerIn the forty plus years since qualifying as a chartered accountant I’ve learned a couple of simple, recurring, lessons.

Firstly, every business is just a bunch of people, doing one (possibly all) of three things:

    • buying something and selling it;
    • buying something doing something to it and selling it; or
  • providing a service.

Secondly, any business decision that is not client focussed stands a good chance of being the wrong decision.
Over simplified without a doubt but emphasising the fact that people deal with people.

Being Your Best has core values that recognise this, which is why I’m delighted to be part of it.

Technical competence and being up to date are a “given” as part of the Chartered Accountant brand.

I’ve spent life in and out of public practice, large and small organisations, managing people, business ownership….and acquired a lot of grey hair.

In recent years I have “specialised” in business support and strategy, change management and continuous improvement – starting with ensuring that I understand clients’ aspirations, wants and needs.